Saturday, July 28, 2007

10 ways to find time

Ribbons of Time by Flavia Weedn
Ribbons of Time

The link between time and reality is insoluble. We can divorce ourselves from time only by undoing reality, or from reality only by undoing the sense of time. Categorical time is measured by clocks and calendars; existential time is that which is experienced, lived in, rather than observed.

Mann, J Time-Limited Psychotherapy ( 1973:4)

I recommend you to take care of the minutes, for hours will take care of themselves" Philip Dormer Stanhope - 4th Earl of Chesterfield Letters to His Son

How can you simplify time? What we have in common is that we all have 24 hours per day, our perception of time may be different but we have the same slice. How can you find more time?

1. Check out what is taking your time, what obligations, debts, relationships, clutter is taking up your time and stopping you from using available time to do the things you enjoy?
2. Scale down your possessions : everything you own costs money, space and time to
maintain, clean and store. If the items do not give you joy, declutter and give them away to charity, freecycle and relieve yourself of the time consumed in engaging with the
3. Change your shopping habits. When you are next in the shop wanting to buy something,
look at what it is, where will you store it, what will you do with the bags etc. Does it add to your time for joy or rob you of time and space that you could be using for something else. ( If you want a lovely new car, think about the debt, the garage space, the petrol bills, your ecological footprint...give it a test drive, get the feeling and leave it alone!).
4. Turn off the TV. On average people watch 20 hours per week. Why are you watching it? be selective and use your time for what you want to. Change the TV habit, it will save energy and reduce your temptations to purchase other items.
5. Start to say no. Much of the subscriptions to magazines, social clubs, gym membership, music lessons, committee you still want to give it your energy and time
commitment. I learnt about the assertive no......Thank you for thinking of me, but no thank you.
6. Get yourself off the junkmail list and reduce clutter on your email computer. Add anti
spam measures, create inbox files and ensure that you spend time reading what you want. Use email subscriptions to blogs to save you having to find the websites. Join
downshiftingpath by email if you enjoy the posts. Incoming junkmails, means you spend
time reading it, then disposing of the envelopes, put it in the paper recycling and then have
to carry it to the roadside, Stop it coming in and you not only save time but the planet.
7. Check the storage space you have in the house. Thinking you want a bigger house usually means you are not making full use of what is available.
8. Do not put off now what you can do.....if you commit it to the future you are robbing time in the future. Do it now or plan how much time you are prepared to give the task.
9. Ask for help. life can be chaotic but when you feel time is running out, ask friends and neighbours for help. You might get a no thank you, but most people have individual skills to offer. If you hate painting but you are a great cook, invite your friends to paint your room and give them a slap up meal in return. Do what gives you joy and ask for help. We all like to be valued.
10. Change the way you talk. The beliefs you hold and language you use create your reality. If you say that you cannot do things or that you are always in chaos, nothing will change. You can do it, you can get help with it, you can plan to change your language, your beliefs and your reality. Spend time wisely and let it bring you joy.


Ali said...

that's a great list :)

Marnie said...

thank you thank you for this list, especially the last item. i vote for it being first, because you're right - our language is and shapes our reality - everything falls into place after that! i don't think i've ever seen such an apt suggestion on any other "simplify" list - wonderful!