Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A poison tree

A Poison Tree, from Songs of Experience by William Blake
A Poison Tree, from Songs of Experience

Its been a while, and I have missed you all. Its been a time of reflection, busyness and wondering where we go from here.

Health wise there have been some challenges a bit here and bit there and the reason why I have not been participating in the blog is simply that it would have been too depressing. Surprisingly, the weather joined in in the doom and gloom by producing the wettest summer since records began and the economic climate seemed to take a nosedive too.

So here is the olive branch.....

I will be posting again regularly but probably not daily. The focus is going to be on eating local, growing local and continuing to simplify our lives.

The shop has grown from strength to strength and has been a roller coaster ride: 9 months so far, sleepless nights at times but we have at last mastered an acceptable rhythm.
The house is still under construction and repair as is the garden. At times we have felt overwhelmed with it all, but all in all, it is all taking shape.

I'll start sharing soon, that is if you are still reading.......


Anonymous said...

I really missed your posts but glad to hear you are hanging in there - post when you feel like it - it must be really hard when you are trying to run a business and raise a family - you got me started on the green/simple/downshifting life and for that I shall always be grateful !
lizzie in Illinois

Anne said...

Hi there Lizzie,

Thank you for your positive comment, makes it all worth while.


Sharon Rowe said...

Glad to hear from you again. I had just this week started to really wonder where you were.
South Carolina

Anonymous said...

Hello Anne -

I've missed you - and am certain sure that I am not the only one. Please take care - hope all is really well with you and yours. I will be looking forward to reading your posts again and keeping up with what you are up to. My garden will be glad to know you are back ... you inspire me to get out in it more after work and on the weekends, and without your activity reports I have become a little slack about tending to it. :-)

Take good care,
Barbara in Georgia USA