Thursday, September 18, 2008

Autumn glory

It has simply been a most wonderfully sunny day today to capture some pictures of where the garden is at the moment. The vine has now been sufficiently trained to give a window through to the edible garden which from above looks like a pond full of lilypads. Cucumbers trail still from the bed and celery is aplenty. We juice them in with carrots and apples or cut them up and serve them with hummus. The grey slate gravel laid down gives a nice background to the green leaves and the flowers too. Shame a mole has decided to dig it up in places, but there you go, always encouraging wildlife.

I love colour and usually I would say that orange and pink are not a first choice but the honeysuckle in bloom currently not only provides a lovely scent but the colours are breathtaking.

I am growing some polyanthus and primroses as well as wallflowers to plant out for spring colour. Sometimes, a nice cup of tea, knitting in hand with a view of the garden is sufficient to bring hope in a turbulent world.


Anonymous said...

I love your garden. I'll check back often.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous little sun trap and those raised beds will be wonderful year after year.
I have had wonderful sucess with these type of beds - you have a very busy life I dont know how you find the time to spin and knit.
Hope you are keeping well - I love your blog !