Wednesday, September 17, 2008

From little acorns....


In the long history of humankind, those who have learnt to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed. Charles Darwin.

The financial markets are in turmoil at the moment. We knew Monday brought bad news as both the Times and Telegraph failed to arrive with the 6 am delivery. This usually means that breaking news has to be rescheduled and the papers reprinted before delivery. At 8 am the newspapers hit the stand with the news about Lehmans bank filing for insolvency.

Unless you are directly employed by the companies involved, the shock of the news is likely to abate just as much as a pebble being thrown in a pond. However, the ripple effect works outwards and as the shock impacts on the stock market, investments may be affected as well as mortgage rates in the next few months. With basics going up, investments rocking badly, and confidence shaky, its time to fasten your seat belt.

We have noticed changes in the shop too. People are using coins more, drawing more cash in hand from the cash machine and very reluctant to part with a £ 20 note. Children are emptying piggy banks and the town centres are showing shops for sale, to let and a less than healthy footfall.

Internet shoppers are sending their wares back to the companies and generally cutting back.

There appears to be a need to prune back, sometimes severely back to basics so that a new framework can emerge. Sometimes, underneath severely pruned bushes, a tiny plant lies dormant, starved of sunlight and warmth awaiting its time .When the conditions are right, it will grow upwards and bloom.

White you fasten your seat belt and you ride the roller coaster ride at the moment, while branches crash down and substantial pruning takes place, look for the acorn which in time will create another strong oak. All is not lost and we can start again.....


Anonymous said...

It is all so complicated - just when I think I ve got a handle on it I learn some new piece of the jigsaw puzzle.
Time to go downstairs and pick out some wool for a hat and mittens for the baby - winter is approaching in the midwest - financial crisis notwithstanding.
Hope the shop is prospering

Anne said...


I believe there is something to be said for taking out your knitting, it brings with it a relaxation response that somehow calms the whole situation. I too, have taken up the knitting needles to finish the border of a cardigan that should have been finished months ago.

Shop is doing well and bucking the trend we are about to embark on adding an employee.