Friday, September 26, 2008

Planning for spring


The beginning of autumn always signals a dying of of plants yet at the same time, there is great scope to plant seedlings for spring colour as well as winter foodstuffs.

Today I planted :

violas and pansies
spring cabbages and broccoli plants ( 5 of each)
lambs lettuce
arctic lettuce ( the name may live up to expectations? maybe not)
winters purslane ( green salad)
corn salad
land cress
wild rocket
globe artichokes

Wallflowers will be interplanted with tulips.
In line with permaculture principles I have underplanted the pear tree with a redcurrant and blackcurrant bush, daffodil bulbs on its canopy line and interspersed 3 artichoke plants grown from seed. That will leave room at the front of the border for primroses to provide some colour.
The principles are fruit tree against the wall with tall artichoke plants underneath. The daffodils come out and provide a barrier for pests and the leaves die down when the tree comes in leaf providing a mulch. The bushes and flowers in front bring blossoms at three levels and different times so that insects can pollinate one or the other.
That is the theory and I shall have to see whether in practice this really provides a self sufficient pollinating and mulching haven. Guess we will find that out next year.

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Anonymous said...

you are so lucky to be able to grow greens all the year round and your garden which looks quite sheltered. Here in the midwest the temperatures get so low it is imp ossible although many people are experimenting with heating cable through their cold frames. I always thought it was cold in the winter when I lived in
Britain - now I realise how mild it really is. lizzie