Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grazing on salad

Rain makes for a lovely green lush salad leaf and probably a wonderful beetroot in a few weeks. Strawberries on the other hand are rotting on the plants as are the gooseberries. Apples are swelling on the tree.
The raised bed that looked empty a few weeks ago is bursting with fresh green leaves and I find myself grazing whenever I pass; a rocket leaf here, a salad leaf there, a spinach leaf that is fresh and crunchy.

Salads cannot readily be preserved and are a crop that needs to be picked and eaten very quickly. Problem is that the weather suits more pies and stews than salad leaves. It makes a wonderful addition to home made savoury pies or pizza.

What amazes me every year is that different plants get the spotlight....when their growing conditions are just right. This must be a a salad year! Hence the abundance in rabbits in the fields...their vegetation is in abundance and so they multiply.

I could be negative about the lack of sunshine but instead I am grateful that this year any lettuces planted are not turning bitter and going to seed as quickly as other years. having saved the rain butt in case of drought I can only laugh at the irony of it, its overflowing every day. I fill my watering cans with rainwater to water the tomatoes that are screaming for some warmth and water the houseplants with the abundant water. After all, it makes up 75% of the chemistry of people and vegetation so there is nothing to complain about, its obviously needed.

Sandals are parked and wellies are the new summer gear!


Sharon J said...

The beetroots will no doubt be delicious although having been force fed them as a child, I no longer eat them. Shame about the strawberries - those I definitely DO eat (and can't remember ever having them as a child)

Jack said...

Looks yummy!


Eve said...

I just want to reach through the monitor and grab a handful of those great looking greens.
I live on the Gulf Coast so we have to get lettuce in early and it bolts to seed asmost right away. But I do have watermelon and cantaloupe in my frige from the garden so it all equals out. : )

Chervil said...

Beautiful photos - and what a great blog! I have just read several of your entries - I particularly like the one on "summer memories" - I can just imagine those lovely summer days! Would you be willing to share your experiences of how to make good baguette and pastries?

Kia said...

Ciao, nice to meet you. I'm glad I've found your blog, it's simply amazing. I will be back to read your older posts. Greetings from Scotland from and Italian girl.