Wednesday, January 30, 2008



Did not mean to stun you all in silence with yesterdays post, but thank you all for your good wishes. After receiving some negative news, I reflected on how that news is received by me as a person, by my family and how I can relate that to the bad news we get bombarded with about global warming. I realised that when faced with bad news, I have a tendency to shut down and have a wish to disengage from it and I wonder dear reader if that happened to you too?

When we do, we also close our engagement to any opportunities that this change brings with it.

Personally, I now know that my garden will include a variety of scented plants and a small corner that will be dedicated to reflection with a small solar powered water feature. I sat quietly listening to some choral songs as when my son sings his voice has a clarity that lifts my spirits up. While listening I clearly envisioned a small corner in my garden and began to realise that I have the opportunity to create something peaceful and lovely in a small part of the garden. That idea did not figure before today and thus from my stumbling block a stepping stone has been created to something new and beautiful.

As I looked out of the window at the churchyard, I saw the celandines and snowdrops, a bright sun and a clear frosty day. Things look extremely beautiful today.

Maybe, just maybe this is a stepping stone and not a stumbling block.
How lovely nature can be...

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Mark said...

Hi Anne,
Sounds like you are finding your feet,I still chuckle with the thought of you with so much cheese, It's a good job you can do many things with it.

Cheers Mark