Monday, January 28, 2008

A gift of unconditional love

Today, someone called into the shop, did not necessarily buy anything but went to the scales to weigh the above. ( its about 10 cm wide)After this, she looked me direct in the eye and said, here you go, a gift of unconditional love for you. Rose quartz I said, how lovely, admiring the colour and wondering how and why it came in my possession. DH commented on the fact that it seemed perfectly appropriate to be giving me a gift of unconditional love as he felt that that is exactly what I embody. I felt blessed and very much appreciated at that moment, both by DH and the universe.

This follows a gift bag at the beginning of the week from a customer who brought chocolates because she likes the fact that there are two cheery people in the shop.

Rose quartz is a soothing, calming crystal that is known to promote love and healing. It helps to bring clarity to the heart and is a valuable tool that focuses on emotional release, balance and peace. It helps to clear negative emotions such as jealousy, anger and fear, and also eases heartache and psychic traumas.

Even though all quartz crystals have the ability to transmit and amplify energy, the rose quartz is unique in that it is especially good as a channel for divine energy. It draws and holds the energies of love and healthy release and assists in opening the heart chakra to help promote the healing of past emotional hurts and grudges.

With my cup of tea, sitting in the room that overlooks the garden, I meditated on this gift and its significance, and felt very blessed and peaceful.

The universe and its people never fail to amaze me. Thank you.....

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Willow said...

What a lovely gift! I always enjoy checking in and reading your blog, although I seldom leave a comment.