Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hopping for a mate

The north wind has been blowing hard today, dark clouds filled the sky and the friend who turned up to help in the garden looked a little worried. She did a splendid job cutting back bushes and foliage, creating a lovely cutting area; these are bushes and branches that need to be cut small or need to be shredded when I have decided on a shredder. Our youngest son, missing his cricket space, is keen from time to time to destroy the odd thing in the garden so we are hoping to harness that energy and turn him into a shredding machine.
We talked about putting a morello cherry tree in the shady corner as apparently they do not mind shade and it would be a rather pretty tree to have.

In the shop we seem to be rushing about most of the time. The post office counter is now open too and we have had fun sending parcels to all corners of the world as well as marvelling at the many many things you can actually do at your local post office. You can bank, pay bills, top up your phone, send parcels, buy stamps etc etc. If you have not visited one lately, please do. They provide a valuable service in the community that in many parts of the country is under threat.

At the end of the day, DH was doing some paperwork when out of the corner of his eye, in the animal food section he spotted a late shopper; the word must have got around that we are kind to animals and people. Mr Toad has left his hibernating spot early this year to come and do a bit of local hopping, maybe looking for a mate already? That is however not a service we provide. I guess we are on a pathway to the gardens, or.....Mr Toad is trying to tell us that we have a pond nearby. Please, not in the shop. He got picked up and deposited outside on the lawn in front of the church gates. I like wildlife but health and safety dictate that frogs are not welcome.

Now, all I need to do is to go and clean the shop thoroughly.

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