Friday, August 24, 2007


Hurricane from outer space by Scott Berner
Hurricane from outer space

Even beautiful storms can create immense damage, showing the power that nature can harness and that brings us into a realm of uncertainty and a place where as individuals we have little power.

The last few months seem to have brought fires, floods and storms ...all over the world. Yes they bring destruction and they create disorientation, and yet after the storm, the air clears and you can look at what really matters. After a fire, a phoenix can rise from the ashes. In the middle of a hurricane in the eye of the storm, there is silence. Eery maybe, but silence....listen out for it, you are not to do anything but listen in the silence and in its centre,you will find.....your heart pounding, you will feel alive just for a second... That is the most precious thing, to truly feel alive in the moment and be able to respond, to be responsable. To connect through a musical note, through a split second when everyone gasps at a football game, to feel truly one with nature and the universe, to be in awe at the beauty in the middle of the ugly storm. In the essence, on the edge, there is only one thing that matters, this moment of feeling alive and being engaged in it.

Against that is the headline that a boy of 11 was shot in the back of the neck on his way back from playing football, a senseless loss of life ......a different storm is brewing.

"Wise men say nothing in dangerous times." ― Aesop

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