Thursday, August 02, 2007

Food factory

There is not much food preserving in the summer - until the soft fruits come along. There has always been a good harvest of blackcurrant, and consequent jam boiling, and a harvest of gooseberries with consequent bottling as well as jam boiling. With the ever eager Aga at hand this is not a laborious job.
John Seymour, The fat of the land ( 1963:107)

A few sunny days and with small people to help we went over to a friends' garden to pick blackcurrants and plums. The plums were dripping from the trees and some of those will be canned tomorrow. Today blackcurrants have been turned into blackcurrant cordial and blackcurrant jelly for delicious spreads later in the year. Blackcurrants are high in vitamin C I believe, so a good spread to have in winter. the colour is splendid and gets everywhere. Our own bush gave us about 1 lb of fruit but with the 5lbs picked yesterday we have managed to get a sizeable larder contribution. I will be sharing it with my friend as her Dh is in hospital and unable to gather and preserve. It pays to help your friends and neighbours......

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