Monday, February 15, 2010

A time for resting

Does your body feel sluggish? Are you lacking in energy?

Winter is a perfect time to build up supplies of internal strength and vitality and maybe when I do not take note of that I feel the sluggishness of a bear woken up from his hibernation. There is a distinct lack of light and a desire to stay hidden under a warm blanket.

In the natural world, there is still a deep stillness as many animals hibernate and plants and trees are dormant, drawing energy via their roots in preparation for spring ' when the sap rises'.

February in particular therefore seems to be an excellent month to rest as well as build up some fresh resources by :

  • eating a wholefood diet with plenty of good protein, animal as well as vegetable protein(nuts,seeds, lentils and beans)
  • to warm up I stir fry vegetables including a little root ginger
  • spend some time outside bathing in natural light, warmly wrapped up  with a hat, mittens and scarf as well as a coat.

Resting now is the best preparation for the energy required in Springtime.

So take a cue from nature : peep out from under the blanket, take a small walk in fresh air and eat warming fresh foods.

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