Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nurturing the soil

This year's project involves replenishing the garden and after careful observation a plan is forming on how to let nature recreate the space we have into a food producing ecosystem. Having spent time in the garden, listening, watching the grass grow, the rain fall, the puddles form, the leaves fall and the slugs crawl I am ready for the next step..
The answer can be found in nature, in forests where every layer, every plant and every microorganism work in synergy for the benefit of another.

Instead of wanting to dominate nature in the way of traditional gardening, I want to explore the permaculture way of engaging in beneficial relationships between plants, soil, insects and wildlife and start observing, listening and interacting with what the garden has to say.

I want a relationship with the ecosystem in my garden but does it want a relationship with me?

I want to ask questions about plants and bugs; who are you, what do you do for the garden and what do you need from the garden? How can I take my place in the garden instead of dominating the system?

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