Tuesday, February 02, 2010

10 ways to enjoy a film again and again

Movies are a form of entertainment that has always appealed to me, in similar ways to books. Yet, when you read a book, you use your own imagination to create a picture based on the descriptive language chosen by the author. Films on the other hand, combine the vision of the author with that of the film director to bring you an experience.

How can you enjoy that experience for less?

1. Going to the cinema will provide you with the large screen experience and is a great way to get together with friends yet an expensive option.
2. Rent a film via lovefilm or netflix and invite friends over for a social evening, popcorn and potluck drinks and you have a similar social experience on a smaller budget.
3. Use the library to borrow films to watch and return when you have enjoyed the movie.
4. Purchasing movies creates ownership and then you can put it on your shelves for later viewing.
5. Swap a movie with a friend. One of my sons swaps the loan of a costume for the loan of a film so both friends get a different night out.
6. Sell your DVD's via Magpie if you need cash quickly use the money as you wish.
7. Bring and buy your DVD's to a charity stall and purchase another film to watch, a great way to enjoy a classic film.
8. List your DVD with the film circle, pass on your DVD to someone else and choose another one to watch. Search by category or actor, film director etc.
9. Pay to download movies onto your phone or Ipod via Itunes, watch it for a week and then it simply disappears.
10- Catch a movie on BBC Iplayer, Channel 4 on demand, ITVplayer, as long as you hold a current UK TV licence.

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