Saturday, January 24, 2009

replacing a button

In case you need some visual lesson on sewing a button here is a quick video by threadbanger which gives clear instructions. Replacing buttons is very useful in prolonging the life of your clothing. I personally cut the buttons of shirts that are completely worn out and keep spare buttons in a little jar. My grandmother had a button jar and I used to spend time sorting her buttons while she mended a pile of clothing, from darning socks, hemming trousers and patching trousers. A new button may only cost you 25p but it is money saved if you have a button jar.

To prolong the life of black trousers that have become grey, buy a dye you can use in the washing machine such as dylon and refresh the colour of your trousers. Usually one of our suppliers gives her staff a new pair of work trousers every season and throws the old pairs out. Not so this season, a new pair was achieved by dying them in the washing machine.

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Anonymous said...

My mother sewed, and I have her button box of extra and remnant buttons. Looking through it is like a walk down memory lane, as I remember some of the garments even after all these years. I now have my own box of old and extra buttons, but it doesn't seem to have the same magical properties. :-)

Thank you for the dying tip.

Barbara in north Georgia, USA - where we have been getting some much needed rain.