Monday, November 24, 2008

The sky at night

The skies have been brilliant and inspiring over the last few days. The days are cold and the wind is whipping up from a different direction. The garden is being put to bed and my attention is drawn to the inside of the house.

Now is a time to tidy the tools away, clean and oil them. It is satisfying to see that the garden will still be producing some salads; purslane, parsley and celery still abound and there have been plenty of bulbs planted to bring spring colour.

The canning equipment is being put away, the damson gin is about to be put into bottles as gifts for loved ones and a tipple for me when it gets really cold. From the corner comes the spinning wheel and the many bags of fleece that still need to be spun,the knitting needles can click away, the pile of books is ready to be read. I have started a sweater that is lighter and warm for next year's cold spells. I also check the supplies of essential oils, essences and other supplies.

It’s time to begin making gifts for the December holiday season! First though, a day of Thanksgiving. This year, my thanks are not only for continued health, friends, the shop, the home that feels more like ours and the countryside around me; but more - they are for quiet, serenity, inner peace, and a recognition that the things with which I am blessed become too numerous to list as soon as I begin. May it be so for all of you who share this blog and downshifting journey.

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Lizzie said...

it is the same here on the prairie - soon the snow with fall and cover everything. We have just roasted the last of our pie pumpkins and after making a pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin bread have frozen the rest for the winter. We are thankful that Obama is going to be our next president and that John McCain is going to play nice ! We are thankful for our new grandson Liam who was born this year and we are thankful for the money left in our retirement account. Let me only complain when I have to live on $1 a day !
Happy Thanksgiving, Ann