Wednesday, November 19, 2008

10 ways to cut spending

  1. Eat home made cereals instead of shop bought ones. Saves on sugar too.
  2. Turn the heating down.
  3. Take a packed lunch to work. Cook from scratch with seasonal ingredients.
  4. Plan a menu and shop with a list.
  5. Find someone local to cut your hair.
  6. Car share, walk or cycle.
  7. Compare transport costs car -v- public transport.
  8. Increase vegetable intake, reduce meat consumption.
  9. Invite friends home to eat potluck supper instead of meeting at a restaurant or pub.
  10. Do a financial reality check.

Over the next 10 posts I will be expanding on each one and giving you an insight in how we work these principles here.
You Can Save Money, But Money Can't Save You
You Can Save Money, But Money Can't Save You


BigYellow said...

Hi Anne,
I find your posts very interesting and inspiring.
Decluttering our lives and spending wisely is all the more relevant as the days go by, especially with the difficult financial times ahead.
I just wanted to share an example with you. My parents live in a small 2 bedroom house, and have been wanting to move for a while to something a bit more spacious, not necessarily with more rooms, but bigger ones. However, the way the market is going they're not able to upgrade and have instead started to declutter their home in order to reorganise their space and keep things to a minimum. They have taken a small storage unit and gradually put there what they don't need right now but don't want to get rid of completely either.
I see people in this situation everyday (I work at Big Yellow) who find it a great alternative to moving flats as they often rediscover the use of a full room once they have cleared out the surplus. I think it's an option worth exploring as it only has a tiny financial implication, nothing like moving house! and it makes you feel so much better in your own home.
I'm really interested in this, so feel free to drop me an email. Also you can check out our website at
All the best,

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Working on all these 10 already and it's already paying dividends. For me the strongest action is the shopping and cooking one. I stopped eating processed foods two years ago for health reasons and found my purse got healthier as well.