Thursday, May 01, 2008

You can have cake

Cake takes on a whole new meaning.

6 months have passed since stepping into a supermarket for my foodshopping. In fact this week I reflected on the fact that I have lost touch with consumer mania of too many choices for supper, impulse food buying and being influenced by adverts.

The local shop has only 10 varieties of cereal ( heavens can we survive a choice of 10 against about 45 in the supermarket). We can have fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit delivered while we wait for the garden to take shape.

The ingredients have simplified and I am discovering that moving to a vegetarian diet may be a better possibility.I have talked about this in the past but had very little personal knowledge of where to start.

This week I visited a nutritionist and discovered the shocking truth that our diet here is based on a lot of wheat, corn, sugar and fats and that toxicity levels in the food available in shops is far too high to create a healthy environment for our bodies. Did you know that cucumbers carry a higher than normal aluminium level?

I am therefore cooking in unknown territory and the ingredients before me are not the usual ones I have been cooking with. The aim is to store some dry ingredients that hold more complex nutrients and minerals . These will not perish as fast as the usual foods, frozen or canned and will provide a good base food in the future. They will take longer to digest and longer to release their nutrients in the bloodstream. We should feel fuller, longer and less inclined to go for sugar fixes and bars of chocolate. ( I don't mind the latter one!)

Today, I made a cake with lots of seeds, no fats or eggs or sugar and surprisingly it worked and tasted quite good. Its consistency is that of bread pudding. I say quite good because my tastebuds were expecting something else. I felt like one of my sons who says' I do not like that' before trying it but even one of the boys had a bite from the cake and said it was quite good.

So what was in it :
Brown rice flour
whole wheat flour
rolled oats
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
sesame seeds
flaked almonds
ginger grated
ginger spice
rice milk

Not the usual cake ingredients of fat, sugar, flour and eggs, not dripping in sugar icing either. Best of all,we could have cake and eat it. Seeds are not just for birds.....


Christina said...

I'm trying to eat more vegetarian food also as I want to have a healthier diet and for me that means less red meat, white flour and sugar and more whole grains and veg. Your cake looks yum, do you have a recipe?

Sally said...

Hi Anne,

This rang a bell with me today as we have been looking carefully at our nutrition in our family too. A Naturopath friend recently mentioned an excellent book "Vegetarian Cooking Without" by Barbara Cousins. It contains lots of lovely recipe ideas without gluten, dairy or sugar and I've been finding it extremely useful,so thought I'd spread the word. However, it sounds like you've got the knack already with your baking experiments! Good for you for going for it and for engaging your son.

Love, Sally x

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am just dropping a line to say that I really enjoy your blog! I would be interested to hear more about your journey with your food as it is something that I am trying to do for my family.