Thursday, May 08, 2008

Are you your self?

Following the Crowd
Following the Crowd

I reflected on my son's school report and how he needed assurance that it was OK to be him. I am not sure why the school system seems to favour head people, pupils who work things out logically, but it does. It suits some children but those who are practical, arty and pay more importance to how a task feels than what it achieves stand to be considered a failure in the current education system. Just because the level is expected to be 4c and has to be attained gives me no clear indication as to whether the subject is interesting, enjoyable or entirely useful. It all is about balance I guess.

We cannot be a world full of intelligent ' head people' surely? The logical side works things out by analysing criteria rather than how things feel. In contrast our intuition whispers to us between our thoughts. When we use our intuition we are using the right side of the brain and we feel comfortable with what we are doing. If sensitive and intuitive people are forced to use their left side of the brain exclusively, it could be possible that they have difficulties with that and do not feel happy. Just because you are good at maths does not mean that you need to be an accountant or a teacher; the question is ....will it feed your soul and make you feel good as well.

Working in the garden feeds my soul; creating a meal from scratch, feeds my soul and yet these are not career paths I chose in my lifetime.

Living too much in our heads can lead to losing touch with our sense of self. Losing our sense of self means that we are doing, being and thinking what others have taught us. Detoxing the body is about stripping off those layers and uncovering the core of ourselves.

If you are a left brain person, great we need you in this world to figure out what is happening and how we can work with global warming. If you are right brain person we need you to remind us of how we have lost our connection with the earth, why we have an inbuilt sense of unhappiness and loss. The facts and figures of global warming do not have an effect; its pictures and movies about what is affecting people that speak to us at a deeper level.We could be feeling everything and be overwhelmed and we need logical people to find a way forward.

In fact we need to work this out together. Problem is that most children will be focused on targets and solutions; not having the practical know how of how to be putting it right. The farmers who have told us over the years that the landscape was changing have been ignored by a majority of logical human beings. It needs something to appeal to our core level of self and nothing focuses the mind better on that than ill health and disease.

Levels of toxicity around us are rising and having started a nutrition route without yeast, sugar,dairy focused on basic foods I am astounded as to how addicted I am to such substances.

The question asked by my son was : Who controls your life? Who indeed ( you can answer that for yourself). His answer was that either a higher power controlled his life, he could be in charge of his own life and be responsible and true to himself or his life could be influenced by his peers.

How would it be if your life was controlled by an addiction to oil, wheat and sugar? Reducing these is a possibility only if we can truly take charge of that path our self......if we had to give up oil, wheat and can expect a reaction on a physical level ( withdrawal symptoms), emotional level ( behaviour issues), and a mental health level. How healthy do we feel as human beings on this earth?

Answers on a postcard...........

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