Friday, November 02, 2007

Memories are not just for Christmas

Laughing Couple Opening Christmas Presents Beside Christmas Tree
Laughing Couple Opening Christmas Presents Beside Christmas Tree

54 days to go I think?

I sent this in test it on my friends. The feedback has been great so I thought I would share it with you all.

Dear Fairy Godmothers

I would like to propose a dramatic change in the way we approach Christmas this year and am writing to ask you if you would be happy with the following :

adults - tokens only. I would rather see you in person and spend time with you in whatever way makes you happy ( as long as it is legal!) so lunch together, cinema trip, day at health farm, trip to a yarn festival, farmers market,wellie throwing? whatever send me your wishlist, share your passion with me.( If you want to go riding, and share that with me, let me know, whatever it is, as your friend I am willing to give it a go)

children over 16 - I propose to send them virtual giftcertifiicates in order that they may buy something that aids their education or musical tastes, or book tokens. (Boring probably but I am not sure they want to spend time with us). Small thing under the tree.

children under 16 - I will be limiting the gifts in monetary value this year. Again, come and spend some time with us and create memories:, go ten pin bowling, share a meal,teach them a skill ( test you patience), take us to the zoo, drive diggers, go to a cricket game, rugby game, theatre...

The reasons are that for our family in any case Christmas has become so commercial and in reality we like gifts, but relationships are more important. When the children were small, an overloaded tree seemed magical. This year, we will hopefully have moved house and Christmas will be about spending time together.

I hope that does not offend anyone and will make your Christmas shopping lighter and not less magical.

Memories are not just for Christmas but for a lifetime!

Best wishes

the other fairy godmother


Grannymar said...

At 5.30 this morning when any vestage of sleep evaded me I was thinking of how to change my 'gift giving' this year.

First post I read this morning has the answer!

Thank you Fairy Godmother.

Ali said...

the letter is BRILLIANT!! What a great idea :)