Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A drop in the ocean

Action: Drop of Water
Action: Drop of Water

It only takes a single thought to move the world.

The importance of water is taken for granted and yet it is one of the two elements without which we cannot survive. We only seem to notice water when we lack it or when we have floods and yet it is a matter of substance.

Everyone knows that the earth is covered in about 70% of water but do you know that our bodies are made in the same proportion?

If you could imagine your body to be a vessel of rivers and oceans that carry a variety of life giving and purifying matter around, as well as channels that reduce toxicity , would that change the way you look after your water landscape? Did you know that the water in your body does vibrate with music?

Water has a very important
message for us. Water is telling us
to take a much deeper look at our
selves. When we do look at our
selves through the mirror of water,
the message becomes amazingly,
crystal, clear. We know that human
life is directly connected to the
quality of our water, both within and
all around us.

If you had a goldfish in a bowl and the water started to get mucky, would you take the fish out of the water or would you change the water? ( Taking the fish out of the water will kill it and staying in the toxic water will also eventually kill it)

Water, pure water is a luxury. For health reasons we need to drink a certain amount each day and the water wiki gives clear indication about how to work out the quantity.
Increasing water intake gradually has helped me in reducing the levels of toxicity in my body. Its also the most beautiful thing to watch,rivers, snow and seas are all fantastic manifestations of water. I visualise clear rivers in my body to enhance the potential for healing.

A visual and musical representation of water

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