Tuesday, September 25, 2007


The Pantry by Consuelo Gamboa
The Pantry

Could you imagine what the products would look like in your life if it did not have the packaging around it, diverting your attention from the contents?

Here is my daughter's suggestion:

Idea for a downshifting challenge of the week: unbrand. Take labels off your branded goods (as long as you can still tell what they are!) and put things into containers (especially cereal) instead of using the boxes they come in. Does it change your perception? I tried this in my bathroom, with make-up and in the kitchen. It makes things much calmer not to have all the advertising all the time. Plus, some of the bottles and colours of the products in them are really pretty once the label's taken off.

Give your eyes a rest and discard the wrapping.....surprisingly it is what is in the box that matters.


Ali said...

what a GREAT idea!! I do put cereal into tupperware containers anyway to help keep it fresh. The food looks more interesting and REAL being out of the boxes.

Lisa Gates said...

I adore this post with all my heart. When my son was three and recognized the McDonald's logo for the first time, I realized I would have to really work at retraining his attention. Now that he's 11, he's becoming quite aware, and savvy about brands, and thank you, now resisting brands.

This is such a practical solution! Thank you.

Marnie said...

neat idea - thanks! I'm looking forward to a calm kitchen cupboard!