Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fair weather gnome....

After decluttering the house for months, no, years....I left the boys to go to the village fete and when I returned from my day out to Fibrefest, stuff had crept in. I have been wondering how the stuff arrived in the house and now I know, very slowly, very easily.
They bought a typist chair for £ 1.00, a bar stool for me to sit on (?), a clock ( we have about 10) and the whistling gnome.

The whistling gnome, as the name implies, whistles when you pass the doorstep. Useful in some ways but not really the thing, as it cannot stay out in wet weather. I can see how it has been discarded after the summer we have had. The idea is that it will warn us when someone approaches. The dog is now apparently jobless, replaced by a whistling gnome. Granted, the gnome is cheaper, runs on batteries and does not go out in wet weather but the dog is far cuter and reliable.

Other stuff has been arriving in the cottage......A few nights ago, my DH put his foot down and stopped pandering to the cats. They have a habit of demanding to be let out in the middle of the night and so far he has been obliging, getting up and then crawling back up the stairs. A few nights ago, now that my DS 1 gets up at 6.30 am to go to school he gave up on pandering to the cats. This is in principle a good idea, but they have ways of making you comply.

Last night, turning out the light, I heard a rustling sound behind my bed, behind the bedside cabinet. I put the light on, and the noise stopped, followed by a scuffling. Something was moving fast. I am not fond of large spiders, so I thought I would put the light out, listen.......and yes, there again was the noise. Put the light on and looked in between the gap between the bed and the cupboard. Something flashed by, it had a tail. Back light off, waiting, noise appears again and when the light went on, a very small mouse ran back along the track. I ended up telling it it could stay there for the night as long as it was quiet and then promptly must have fallen asleep.

As I have said before, cats have ways of getting you to behave in your own home. Well, they are in for a shock when we move.

Guess today, I will be clearing out the bedroom in search of the lodger.

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Leigh said...

Ha! Cats are cats! Your post make me smile. Not too sure about the gnome though. Maybe the dog will parade back and forth in front of it in an attempt to get its job back.