Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Printing cartridges

Rainforest, Mt. Field National Park, Tasmania, Australia by Panoramic Images
Rainforest, Mt. Field National Park, Tasmania, Australia


You can reduce ink cartridge consumption by thinking before your print as well as reading many items online. I save a lot of documents as pdf format files that I would have printed off in the past. If I need it, I can still print it at a later date. I also scan documents instead of copying them and keeping photocopies. It creates a virtual filing system. It may not work for you but it reduces the need to print everything and store it in boxes.

Taking into account that you are no longer printing for the sake of it, using your own printer or photocopier because you do not want to travel miles to get your printing done is still going to leave with you with some ink cartridges that will empty from time to time.

More than 2 million inkcartridges get sent to landfill each year.


refill your ink cartridge by using local companies preferably but you could investigate www.cartridgeworld.co.uk


Or check out how to do it yourself

Some charities accept laser printer cartridges to help them raise funds such as action aid and the rain forest concern.

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Hayley Jones said...

There is some information on ink cartridge recycling at UK Energy Saving - http://www.uk-energy-saving.com/ink_cartridge_recycling.html. Hope this helps.