Saturday, May 09, 2009

Salads to come

My preferred way to grow lettuce is to start with some seeds and when they have small leaves, I transplant them into above trays. At the same time, I start off the next batch of interesting leaves. The aim is to eat leaves, not only because they are delicious but my lettuce leaves require taste, colour and texture to tempt the taste buds.

Above our the following :
Lettuce Aruba, purple oak leafed lettuce.
Mustard red frills, tasty, good and ruffled leaves
Black seeded Simpson - large crunch hearting lettuce
Reine de Glace a lettuce that continuously provides leaves, pick outer ones as the rest grow.

In the seed pot at the moment :
Merveille des quatres saisons
Summer rocket.
Green oak leaf

Just finished:

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