Monday, May 11, 2009

Pigging out

Brown Pig
Brown Pig

The biggest waste factor in our shop is bread that really has to be fresh to sell. The boys are crying out here for fresh bread.....instead of yesterdays rolls in their lunch box or, bread pudding, bread and butter pudding or even a mean pear bread and butter pudding made with stale croissants ( really yummy). As I am intolerant to bread it really is a challenge.

I spread the word that if anyone had a pig, I would be happy to provide some bread in return for a couple of sausages at the end of the journey. Fair exchange: the pig gets to indulge in day old bread and eventually, the boys ( who are not vegetarian) will be the happy recipients of great sausages.

As we pay for commercial waste by the sack loads it seems fitting that not only the local chickens have a treat from the shop but the 3 Old Gloucester spots get a treat too. Little do they know!

The pigs have a take away bucket that gets filled daily.


lizzie said...

Can you donate to a food bank or shelter or freeze some. Make breadcrumbs and freeze. The pig idea is great too.

RosaT said...

I love how you‘re modeling your life to make it simpler. Your pig example demonstrates how opportunities abound for creative ways to conserve while satisfying our needs, and making our personal lives be more fulfilling.
I personally am not one to waste. I too wish I had a pig to feed.
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Maisie said...

I think this great; it stems back to the old fashioned neighbourly bartering system.