Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tea from the garden

L'Heure du The by Linda Wood
L'Heure du The

As part of a healthier eating plan, I have reduced and nearly eliminated all types of caffeine and tea from my diet and most hot drinks have been herbal teas.

It seemed only time before I would explore how to include plants that could provide me with a surplus of leaves for herbal infusions. My favourites are mint, lemon verbena, verbena and lavender but there are others that could well be useful plants. I have not used any of the following plants although all of them in one way or another have edible parts that make tea.
Do not try this unless you are sure which parts to use.

Hyssop - hysoppus officilanis
Mallow - hybiscus syriacus
scotch heather - calluna vulgaris
anise hyssop-agastache foeniculum
columbine - aquilegia vulgaris
creeping thyme
peppermint - menta x piperita vulgaris
spearmint - mentha spicata
honeysuckle - lonicera spp.
marigold flowers

Lemon verbena is beginning to grow at the moment. It is quite an invasive plant and keeping it in a container makes easy picking. A few leaves, crushed and steeped for 5 mins give a refreshing brew that has the ability to calm the nerves.

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