Sunday, April 05, 2009

Eating the garden

Wow, has it been that long ? Apologies, I must have got lost in the garden.What I have been up to, well, sitting still, being poorly and dealing with the end of year for the business, boys off on holidays and mountains of washing. Very mundane things.

Its spring and although I am wearing 3 layers of sweaters, quite nice out there. In fact it was so nice today we managed lunch out. A lunch without bread. The norm for me now but still quite alien for the men in the household.

The plan this year, as it is year 2 in the garden is to start harvesting what is abundant and to use it for all its bounty.

Today's goat's cheese warm salad includes :
land cress
lambs lettuce
roasted vegetables - tomatoes and green pepper ( slightly going past its best in the shop)

Roast the vegetables in olive oil for about 20 mins, while you pick the salad. Heap roasted vegetables on salad. Add 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar in the oven dish, swirl and spoon over salad ( that's the dressing). Finish up with some goats cheese which will melt on top of it. Yummy even with 3 sweaters on.

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Anonymous said...

fabulous! roast vegetables are great ~ have you ever tried roast garlic?
Christa x