Friday, October 17, 2008

Its a bag

Three months ago we ran a competition in the village by asking everyone to design a logo for the shop as we wanted to have our own shopping bags. Although we accept plastic bags for recycling, we felt that we wanted to reduce the uptake of plastic bags and thus the idea was born to have a bag for Central Stores.

There were quite a few entries and in the end we opted for 1 logo and 1 caption which is printed on the back of the bag.

We chose ecobags as a company to print the bags because they are a family business and have an ethical trading policy. Their website is transparent about their business and their service has been great, especially when things go wrong, like delays in shipment and delivery. I guess when we knew the bags were coming we got a tad impatient simply because having announced their arrival in the village magazine for early October, many people came in and asked daily whether the bags were here.

But they are here now, and we are pleased as punch. Its a great feeling to see people walking about with a bag we have been instrumental in providing. The window display is about autumn, with pumpkins, wellington boots, firelighters, logs, tea, porridge, socks and scarves and......bags.

Making a difference can be scary but I am glad we took the step into the unknown.

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Anonymous said...

Hello - I really like your new shopping bag! I've been acquiring those reusable bags and now most always remember to take them into the grocery with me. Next step is getting into the habit of taking them into other stores when I need to shop for more than what I can carry out without a bag.
Thank you for your part in helping me change my thinking.
Barbara, Georgia, USA, where it is a beautiful autumn day. And where it *rained* yesterday - so nice!