Sunday, October 26, 2008

10 ways to prepare for winter

A polar bear snuggles up with her cubs by Paul Nicklen
A polar bear snuggles up with her cubs

For the last few weeks I have been preparing the house for winter so what follows is a general list :

  1. Sweep the Chimneys and clean out the grates fully, repairing any cracks with fire cement.
  2. Sort out the snuggly duvets - send to cleaner is necessary
  3. Check the winter wardrobes, who needs what in the way of coats, jumpers, boots, slippers, wooly socks etc. Make a list of woolly socks to knit over the next few months to keep the sock chest full.
  4. Make sure we have some nice heavy thick curtains for the windows and doors.
  5. Make sure we have enough wood stocked up for fireplace. Order any extra now before the prices go up and the rains make the logs wet.
  6. Make a checklist of seeds to prepare for spring planting
  7. Ensure we have enough cold and flu, cough mixes, Calpol, prescription meds in the house.
  8. Make sure we have some 5lt water containers in case of burst pipes or other emergencies
  9. Ensure we have a stock of candles, batteries etc (in case of power cuts)
  10. Replace the normal energy saver lightbulbs with daylight energy saver bulbs

If you have a car make sure it is full of fuel in case of emergency and get the sewing machine out to make draught excluders.

Yesterday we went for our monthly trip to the town and got a few supplies, in particular clothes for the youngest person in the household who was in need of some trousers without holes, some new wellington boots. He wears most of his clothes and shoes out as they are third hand and sometimes feels that he has a raw deal so a little trip to town makes his day as well as a visit to the library.

The weekend will be spent tidying up and getting the wood supply closer to the fire. A big freeze is expected next week and that will test our resolve regarding the heating challenge. More on that tomorrow.

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