Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cheesy business

Taking over a shop a few weeks before the holiday season is just like diving into the deep end of the pool, or a steep learning curve. So far we have had and advisory visit from the Health and Hygiene officer to see what we do and with that came a whole book and checks to be made. The shop is a listed building so changes are going to be limited.
We are having a rush on cheese and I am discovering all the other cheeses that are on offer in the UK, together with their lovely names. Roll on Christmas, crackers and cheese will be a must in our shop.
The daily vegetable and bread orders are going well and we are introducing some new varieties there as well. I am keeping a check on what is available locally, fresh and seasonal and there are many new ideas on that front in the pipeline.
Produce prices are up, and I am not certain whether this is part of the growing trend or whether it is just for the holiday season.
Our days starts at 6 am and finishes at 6 pm when we manage usually to sit down as a family and find out whether we are all fine. The difficulties we have dealt with last week were a leaky roof, leaking taps, water running from the walls as guttering was missing in between the two houses that make up the house and shop, cold very cold weather.
The waste collection system is beginning to get clearer. Lots of plastic and cardboard gets folded and recycled although as a business we pay for our collections of waste. We have invited the local people to continue bringing in their plastic bags so they can be reused and are offering the smaller cardboard boxes to people who want to send presents abroad, pack presents or local businesses who send small items in the post.

On a negative, still no internet collection but the camera has surfaced and will post a picture next time. Hang on in there with us please, its about to get interesting.


Sally Lever said...

Hi Anne,

Love the ideas for offering your customers your unwanted cardboard boxes and am in total admiration for how you are embracing this amazing change in your lives. A shining example of "community" on a human scale - based on love and personal responsibility.

All the best for a successful first festive season in your new home and business and some outstanding cheese sales figures!

Sally x

Mark said...

Have you any 'Stinking Bishops'in your shop or just wiffy

Cheers Mark

Anne said...

stinking bishop not yet, but roule, goats cheese, cheddar, oaksmoked, lots of stilton with cranberries, apricots and one called afterburn which has chillies in. Feta, mozarella and more and more to go for. Heavenly.

Mark said...

I'm on my way down they sound wonderful, just got to try and stop dribbling.

Cheers Mark

Marnie said...

Congratulations! How brave you are...