Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Backyard pictures

Found the camera at last and had a few spare moments to go out there and provide you with a tour of the wilderness. As is the case with the house, the garden will need some major attention but that will be soon when there is more daylight to play with and when we have a better routine in the shop.
The above is the only southf acing area and on the right is a shed that will become the greenhouse in time to come.

The above is designated as the salad patch.....use your imagination.

There is little space but with a little planning and magic we hope to achieve a miracle and grow a variety of edible plants, herbs and flowers. Thought you might like to see the pictures before and then follow what happens after.

This week we are taking orders for produce for the holiday season and will be closed on the 25th and 26th December 2007 to play with the children and maybe...just maybe wake up a little later than 6 am ( that depends on the kids but I am not banking on that!)


Podchef said...

The back garden looks like it has loads of potential. Are ye finally settling in? We use wood heat to heat our home and I do know it takes a good two days of burning to warm everything up to take the chill off. If you let the fire go out for a day you're back at the beginning. But we don't have anything near as cool--or practical--as a rayburn. But we also don't have anything as damp as a stone house. I know from experience how damp and cold a stone cottage is and how it creeps into your soul. . .good thing you know how to knit nice warm socks!

A friend just sent me some Mull Cheddar and some true Wensleydale--nothing like it here in the states. Cheese and Christmas are made for each other!

If you get a chance, would love to see how the shop looks and how ye decorated it for Christmas.

All the best on your new adventure. Here's to hoping for brisk trading now and in the new year!


Anne said...

Keeping Mildred the Rayburn going is my first priority. No heat in the shop can give you frostbite and there is nothing better than warming my feet in woolly socks against the Rayburn. I can cook on it only when it is at a good heat, but I manage.....settled, I would not say as yet but it is beginning to warm up and we are getting used to the people and the goods. Tomorrow the santa hat goes on with flashing lights!

Ali said...

I can picture than garden all tidied up and full of produce!! I ook forward to seeing the "after" photos down the track :)

Barbara in Georgia, USA said...

I am enjoying so much your posts of your new home/shop and am looking forward to following along from afar. Merry Christmas and wishing you many blessings in 2008.

Irish Sallygardens said...

Wow I sympathise, thats a huge project. Its already lovely the way it is, wild, but can't wait to see what you do with it.

tinuviel said...

Gorgeous stone wall!