Monday, February 11, 2013

How to deal with Stash

Having downsized to a 600ft square living space, my collection of yarn and fibres needs facing. I have been putting it off for years amassing 2 big boxes of sockyarn and yarns leftover from projects. Each time decluttering has happened I have bypassed these conveniently. Mea culpa.It is not until it took to filling an understairs cupboard and creating the sustainable wardrobe that I admitted that there are only so many sweaters a woman needs, so many socks we need and yes the time for facing the issue was here, procrastination over.

Why do I have so much yarn ?

  • Partly because I miscalculated the amounts required for the projects
  • did not follow the instructions properly
  • impulse buy at yarn festivals
  • just because I like that colourway
  • Maybe a small fantasy of one day owning a yarn store.

Why is knitting important and valuable to me?

  • I knit for relaxation, learning a new technique and gifting.

Any specific project in mind?

  • About 20 which  would take me about 2 years to complete
  • Some of which I do no longer want to make
  • Enough for at least 10 socks

First step: What do I want to keep and why?

  • Do I have a project in mind?
  • Do I still need that finished object?

That leaves me with the 3 projects planned for and 6 sock yarns for a years supply.( GULP)
Plus an embargo on buying new fibers.

Second step - How do I recycle the rest?

I could put it on freecycle but I am finding it too valuable for that. (Still holding on)
Can I give it to a school where children are encouraged to learn to knit? ( sounds a better option)

Finally I have decided to :

  • gift my stash to be used for charity knitting
  • to seriously consider charity knitting as a way to create items that are needed for others
  • to not buy yarns until I know what project is needed in my wardrobe

Do I feel a sense of loss or bereft?

Small tinge of sadness but a great relief that I will not knit items that are unwanted and made  of leftover stash.

And the bonus is I will be knitting for relaxation with a purpose. Gifting woollens is after all one of the things I cherish so why not give that gift to someone else without the burden.

For charity knitting see UK Handknitting Association

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