Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For the love of books

As the nights draw in and TV just really is not an option, I can be found in a rather tatty chair next to the wood burner, cosy hand knitted socks on my feet, a small glass of damson gin and a good book.
How do you go about getting books to read without spending a lot of money?
I recently joined readitswapit, an ingenuous way to revolve your books and exchange them for other reading material. Its really simple, you list your books, you make them active and people send you an email when they want to swap with you, you look at their list of books and if anything grabs you, you just swap. You send the book in the post and you receive your reading material in the post. When you have read the book you can make it active in your swapping library and so it goes on.
The result is that I now have 9 new books to read which is promising.
A definite alternative to the library and no addition of stuff on the shelves. And if your interests have changed you can go and explore a whole new world.


lizzie said...

The library is where I always go - libraries are so different from when I was a child and you could nt make a sound in them. I keep my book bag next to the door and am very good about taking the books back - I mark it on the calendar. The library is one thing I dont think I could live without and the best frugal thing out there.

lizzie said...

The library for me - the best frugal source anywhere. Libraries are so different from when I was a child and you couldnt make a sound in them.
I order books, borrow video sometimes, read magazines on snowy afternoons and if my computer is on the fritz they have plenty !
If you like to read definitely have another look at your library (and keep your book bag where you can find it)