Sunday, February 03, 2008

The two notes

Money Tree
Money Tree

Once upon a time, in a country far away, close to you, two small notes were printed. Their currency was good, the pictures were great and they set off on a journey of discovery.

The first note was taken from a cashmachine near the supermarket and taken inside. It was exchanged for goods and felt very important, crisp and new. In the till, at night it was collected, counted with other notes and bagged up back to a large building, where it was reissued to a bank and found itself back again in a cashmachine.

The second note, was taken from a cashmachine in town and travelled by bus to a countryside location. It was accompanied by other notes and coins and put in a small real leather purse. The notes felt important and our little note was carefully laid next to others.
Nothing much happened for a day or two and the notes lived happily together in the purse.
Then one day, the owner of the purse went to the local shop, and exchanged the note for some bread, milk and a banana. The little note was glad to be of some use, and ended up in the village till. Not long after it was given out to another person who walked over to the post office and bought a book of stamps. The post office then gave it to someone who took it to the local pub to have a pint with. The pub owner gave it in change to another person who went to the village shop and bought some cheese. The village shop handed it out again as change to another person who took it home. By now, it was beginning to look a little weary.

The next day, it found itself folded up in 8 pieces in someone's back pocket while they walked the 2 miles to the nearest busstop and handed to the busdriver as fare for the journey. At night, it got put with other notes and taken to a bank.

The two little notes found themselves back together and explained their journeys into the world. One was looking a bit worn and thinner but said it had been worth its value tenfold and the other one, crisp and new still was telling every other note how boring it was to be a banknote.

If you have a banknote in your wallet, and that is a rare thing, go give it an outing, make it feel valuable and spend it locally. It might then have a tale to tell.

What goes around comes around and with banknotes, that is a priceless commodity in village life.


Sian said...

I like that story. A pastor I once knew said a similar one about a note and a coin. The note told its story and it had been everywhere, shops, theatre etc. The coin told its story, "collection, collection, collection"

Anonymous said...

I just want to leave a quick comment to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate your blog. I live in Canada and it is interesting to note the similarities as well as the differences between life here and your life in England.